Extra Videos

Mitchell Jacobson, Zach Zorn and Riley Cardinal first skate

Shane Roulette and Rylan Parenteau arrival

Cameron Etherington and Zachary Decontie off ice training

Boys about the cuts

Mark Lambert evaluating players

Guys post scrimmage

Josh Hepditch and Greg Hopf - Making cuts

Anne-Claire Landry on muscle strain

Team building


Mental preparation session

Personal preparation

Véronique Richard

Olivier Trudel on war concept

Stephanie Karlovits nutrition and performance

Dwight King

Sudsie - Goalies experience

Rick Frechette and Rylan Parenteau surfing

Stephanie Karlovits

Mark Lambert on jumping exercises

Sudsie expected improvement

Hayden Guilderson - Best player on team

Hayden Guilderson & Rick Frechette pregame ritual

Rick Frechette & Hayden Guilderson missing home

Riley Cardinal, Brady Keeper & Rick Frechette - Best player on team

Sudsie choosing starting goalie

First Game

Being scouted

John Chabot

Greg Hopf - Assessment of first game

Josh Hepditch - First game chemistry

Alex Killorn

Chance Longjohn & Chewatin Blacksmith on Dragonboat

Cameron Etherington - Favorite part of camp

Curtis Roach on what he had learned so far

Wyatt Hinson missing home

Dalton Demerah

Mason Younger

Tanner Reynolds & Hayden Guilderson about the camp

Chance Longjohn get along with

John Chabot - Team improvement

Favorite part of the camp

Learned so far

Hayden Guilderson & Curtis Roach - Get along with

Shane Roulette & Zach Decontie on Nutrition session

Mark Lambert - Nutrition myth

Anne-Claire Landry on concussions

Mason Younger having to leave

Progress of team

Learned so far

Zach Zorn - Get along with

Tanner Reynolds & Cameron Etherington - Favorite NHL player

Dalton Demerah & Rylan Parenteau - Learning from Sudsie

Greg Hopf - Second game tweaking

Take away from camp

Dalton Demerah - Advantage of camp

Dakotah Woods - Happy with camp

Josh Hepditch - Players learned at camp

Adam & Gary Martin - Helmetcam

Crew Camping - Bacon on a stick

Carroll & Mason - Slomo skate sharpen

Pat Kaplin - Steadycam

Quarry fun

Defensive tactic - Backchecking

Offensive tactic - Deflections

One on One - Poke check

Passing - Sweep pass

Puck control - One hand puck control

Shooting - Shooting while moving

Goalie - Butterfly save


Guest Coaches

Kaidan McDonald - Travels for hockey

Stephanie Karlovits

First scrimmage

Fitness test

Darian Harris - Travels to camp

Andrew Antsanen

Pregame ritual

Darian Harris & Austin Crossley - On the 2 scrimmages

Austin Crossley & Joel Patsey - On upcoming cuts

Terrance McLean - Support back home

Curtis Roach & Hayden Guilderson - Comparing last year HTI team

Derrick Hucul, Keenan Eddy & Joshua Tripp - On fishing with boys

Jeremy Gervais - On not having cell phone

Keenan Eddy & Joshua Tripp - On cut day

On being cut

Derrick Hucul - On making team

Alexander ‘Sandy’ McCarthy

Jeremy Gervais & Keenan Eddy - Circus activity and not having cell phones

Stephanie Karlovits - Athletes’ nutrition knowledge

Francois Landreville


Bonding & Making friends

Ashton Anderson - Level of HTI coaching

Favorite NHL Players

Drake Teer & Zachary Vinnell - On learning at camp

Sudsie Maharaj - Goaltending Instructor

Alexander 'Sandy' McCarthy - Good leaders

Mathieu Poirier - Sports Therapist

Hayden Guilderson & Linden McCorrister - Improvement of team

Linden McCorrister & Terrance McLean - What makes a good leader

Dakotah Woods

Terrance McLean - Level of coaching on HTI

Stephanie Karlovits - Health and Wellness Specialist

Hayden Yaremko & Derrick Hucul - On first game

Andrew Antsanen

Having NHL players visit

Davis Houle & Derrick Hucul - Working with Sudsie

Austin Crossley, Drake Teer & Hayden Yaremko - Getting used to cameras

Alex Killorn - Professional NHL Player

Andrej Sustr - Professional NHL Player

François Landreville - Power skating coach

Missing home

Having scout watch

Chris Yzerman - Amateur scout, Tampa Bay Lightning

Power skating

Best Hit The Ice players

Cody Hodgson - On ziplining

Maxime Talbot - Professional NHL Player

Simon Després - Professional NHL Player

Sandy McCarthy - Team chemistry

Simon Després on what makes a good leader

Favorites offe-ice activities

Drake Teer & Terrance McLean - Power Skating

Kaidan McDonald - Take away nutrition

Keesin Richard - Take away NHL tips & yoga

Take away from camp

Favorites offe-ice activities

Terrance McLean - On power skating


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