Extra Videos

John Chabot, Hit The Ice Coach

Josh Hepditch, Assistant Coach

Puck Protection In Motion

Loose Puck Situation Shoulder to shoulder


John Chabot, Hit The Ice Coach

Greg Hopf, Assistant Coach

Stephanie Karlovits, Wellness Specialist

Sudarshan Sudsie Maharaj, Goaltending Instructor

Kristian Séguin, Team Physiotherapist

Neil Frotten, Personal Trainer and Performance Coach

Paul Gauthier, Team Physiotherapist

Stephanie Karlovits, Wellness Specialist

Mark Lambert, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Anne-Claire Landry, Athletic Therapist

John Chabot, Hit The Ice Coach

Josh Hepditch, Assistant Coach

Face offs

Fitness test

Travel day

John having been a player

First day

Makokis on back flare-up

First ice session

Meeting everyone

First ice session


Darien Head

Kale Kane

Cory Garrow, Isaiah Francis and Chance Longjohn

Nathaniel McLeod

Shane Roulette

Competition level



Longjohn, McLeod, McKitrick, Noskey and Phaneuf


Spartan Race

About cuts

John Chabot and Daw Frawley, Hit The Ice Coaches

Aaron Wesley-Chisel, Brayden Hopkins, Daniel McKitrick and Wyatt Noskey

John Chabot, Hit The Ice Coach

Dan Frawley, Assistant Coach

Missing home

Chisel, Eddy, Garrow, Head, Makokis, McReynolds and Noskey

Rob Murphy - Professional Scout, Ottawa Senators

Stephanie Karlovits - Wellness Specialist

John Chabot, Hit The Ice Coach

Kirk Bear

McKitrick, Hopkins, Hill, McReynolds, Head, Wesley-Chisel and Young

Marc Methot, Defenseman, Ottawa Senators, #3

Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Forward, Ottawa Senators/Binghamton Senators, #44

NHL players impact

Sudarshan Sudsie Maharaj, Goaltending Instructor

Talking about activities

Eddy, Hopkins, Lajeunesse and Young

Boys' highlights

Aboriginal Experience Show

Invite to Chicoutimi

Eddy, Garrow, Head, Hill, Kane, Longjohn, Makokis, Phaneuf and Roulette


Derick Brassard, Forward, New York Rangers, #16

Grant Clitsome, Defenseman, Winnipeg Jets, #24

Boys on NHL Players

Boys Missing home

Lynden Eddy, Darien Head, Khadyn Butterfly and Aaron Wesley-Chisel

Stephanie Karlovits Wellness Specialist

Josh Hepditch and Dan Frawley

Pascal Dupuis, NHL Player, Pittsburgh Penguins

Maxime Talbot, NHL Player, Colorado Avalanche

Influence of NHL players

Boys missing home

Chance Longjohn, Carter Hill and Darien Head

Jordan Nolan, Forward, Los Angeles Kings, #71

Hit The Ice parents

Impact of having NHL Players

Take away from camp


Cory Garrow, Darien Head, Kale Kane, Wyatt Noskey and Taryn Phaneuf

More Awards!

Guys take away

Mike Pilon, Endeavour sports group

Coaches Dan Frawley and Josh Hepditch

Lynden Eddy, Carter Hill, Cade Nolan, Wyatt Noskey and Taryn Phaneuf


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