Extra Videos

First scrimmage

Favorite NHL player

Peter Davis - On-ice testing

Dylan Soosay - First scrimmage

Peter Davis - Favorite NHL players

Jonas Leas - John’s pre-game speech

Nervous about cuts

2 Scrimmages

Alfie Michaud - Scouting goalies

Austin Crossley - Weekend actvities

About the cuts

Keenan Eddy - Team-building weekend

Spencer McLean - Favorite NHL player

Alfie Michaud - Focus for goalies

Denny Lambert - Thrill of coaching

Noah Benjamin - Favorite activity


Austin Crossley - Day off

Keenan Eddy - 2nd year leadership role

Keenan Eddy - Being named captain

Giulia De Leo - Fixing hockey posture

Joshua Tetlichi & Daniel Paul - Having a goalie coach

Dillon Hill - Level of training

Shadow Reuben & Justin Nauchbar - Favorite activity

Austin Crossley - This year’s team

Denny Lambert - What they’ve improved

Kent Hawley - Things they need to work on

Daniel Paul

Hunter Halcrow - Having cameras around

Sheldon Dubé-Ottawa - Leader (Eddy)

Mark Stone - Tough to play against

Allan Kohli - Having a goalie coach

Justin Nauchbar - Level of coaching

Noah Benjamin - Having cameras around

Shadow Reuben - Done yoga before

Ready for game 1

Kent Hawley - Types of players he looks for

JP Vigier - Summer workout

John Chabot - Advice for mental side

About yoga

First game assessment

Sheldon Dubé-Ottawa - Favorite player (Crosby)

Dillon Hill - Favorite activity (water balloon)

Fabain Petagumskum - Ready for game 1

Justin Nauchbar - A good leader is (Eddy)

Noah Benjamin - Level of coaching

JP Vigier - Team strengths

John Chabot - Strengths & weaknesses of team

Cody McLeod

Cody McCormick

Giulia De Leo - Pre & post stretching

First game assessment

Dillon Hill - A good leader is…

Preston Seymour - Best players (Eddy&Soosay)

Preston Seymour - Fave activity (soapbox)

Joshua Tetlichi - Having cameras around

Theo Cunningham and Leighton Burns-Marion - Having NHL players

Chase Beach Ducharme - Favorite NHL player

Noah Benjamin - Best players (Crossley & Eddy)

Hunter Halcrow - Favorite activity (Escape)

Austin Crossley - NHL Player wisdom

Dylan Soosay - Good players on team

Keevan Daniels-Webb - Favorite NHL player (Crosby)

Fabain Petagumskum & Preston Seymour - Having NHL players

Shadow Reuben - Level of coaching

Hunter Halcrow - Take away from camp

Theo Cunningham - Ready for game

Favorite NHL player

Justin Nauchbar - Take away from camp

Preston & Dillon - Take away from camp

After the camp

Shadow Reuben - Take away from camp


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